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20' inch 24' inch

Gadgets SparkPic20” and SparkPic24” are intended to create still and animated (video) images, 8 colors,
resolution 256*48 pix for 20 inches and 256*64 pix for 24 inches (approximately 112*112 and 144*144 in
Cartesian coordinates) on bicycle or motorcycle wheel, respectively in two sizes 20” and 24” of wheel.
Device can stored in flash memory up to 400 pictures or 40 - 50 animated (GIF) images. All images in
memory can be divided into 8 themes or episodes, for example - animals, flowers, flags, equipment, etc. By
pressing the SET button from 1 to 8 we choose theme for playing and to confirm it by pressing button
MODE, on the board device.

Gadgets SparkPic20” and SparkPic24” are equipped with a USB port to transfer data from PC, through a supplied software “Fantom”. Software is designed for generating and editing a sequence of images displayed on a wheel, formation and distribution of images on themes, save to PC disk and upload into device. One set of “SparkPic” is two absolutely identical devices SparkPic20”/24”, 8 alcaline AA form batteries, one magnetic module, the required number of pads and nylon strips, 3-wire interface between devices, CD disc with a software package and a set of test GIFs, packaging, and 2 user manuals for device and software. Product supplied with a programmed set of test video sequences distributed across six themes, the other two themes are empty. You can create and program their own images and video sequences, distribute them by topic, observing the requirements of the instructions and format pictures. How create own pictures, video sequences, and upload them into electronic modules described in the instructions
for the software.




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Explain please if SPARKPIC is protected against moisture and water. Can it be operated in wet conditions? Is it possible to ride through the puddles?

SPARKPIC device is covered by three layers of special synthetic varnish. The following parts are not covered by varnish: USB connector contacts, battery contacts, button unit and communication interface connector. SPARKPIC device is not vulnerable to splashes, wet conditions, rain, however, one should avoid the immediate immersion of the device in water and long ride in heavy rain.     

How long do the batteries last? What batteries are the best to use with SPARKPIC?

About 3-3.5 hours for continuous image display – 20-inch size; and about 3 hours – 24-inch size. In start-stop operation – 3-4 days with 1-1.5 hour ride each day. Battery service life depends on such factors as battery quality, type of image to display (white color and large areas of solid color reduce battery service life). Only name brand alkaline batteries shall be used with SPARKPIC device. Among them are VATRA, COSMOS. See the User’s Manual for more information on the unit’s power supply.    

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