This device performs the following functions:

1. Differentiation of access, which is realized by placing on the keyboard most of the receiving part Serial Number iButton reader (A pill access - WIRE). User-touch tablet, the receiving part of the reader, enters their corresponding individual password Seven byte code of the pill. These data will automatically fill in the fields name and password that was requested by the computer, and automatically issued scan code "ENTER". Whole life can be delimited to eight users will be opened for each region has its own names, passwords, backup input data from the keyboard.

2. Backing up data entered from the keyboard. Implemented by recording the input data (scan codes keyboard) to the media SD_kartochku posted on the board of the product. The data delineated the individual field users who have 128-bit encryption. Reading data from the internal SD card takes place through external media (container administrator) - an external SD card with the connector type USB.

3. Calendaring, time events. All events with the keyboard (input name - password tablet, text input from the keyboard, inclusion of off the computer, reading the data to an external container) labeled with date and time.


Description of the device Firmware Software PCAD


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Explain please if SPARKPIC is protected against moisture and water. Can it be operated in wet conditions? Is it possible to ride through the puddles?

SPARKPIC device is covered by three layers of special synthetic varnish. The following parts are not covered by varnish: USB connector contacts, battery contacts, button unit and communication interface connector. SPARKPIC device is not vulnerable to splashes, wet conditions, rain, however, one should avoid the immediate immersion of the device in water and long ride in heavy rain.     

How long do the batteries last? What batteries are the best to use with SPARKPIC?

About 3-3.5 hours for continuous image display – 20-inch size; and about 3 hours – 24-inch size. In start-stop operation – 3-4 days with 1-1.5 hour ride each day. Battery service life depends on such factors as battery quality, type of image to display (white color and large areas of solid color reduce battery service life). Only name brand alkaline batteries shall be used with SPARKPIC device. Among them are VATRA, COSMOS. See the User’s Manual for more information on the unit’s power supply.    

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